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At Canyon FSweater Grey - cockarms, our goal is to perpetuate the finest brood fowl possible so ensuing generations can enjoy these magnificent animals.  We have partnered with renowned game fowl expert Kenny Troiano, to continue to make this possible.  Kenny has researched and consulted with other experts to ensure breeders are portrayed accurately. Through this sacrifice, the "old wives' tales" and other misinformation are slowly fading into history.


Canyon Farms sponsors exhibitions open to spectators, participants, and even the mildly curious.  These events are frequented by other clubs, vendors, and families.  We encourage our friends and business owners to sponsor events,  become involved in the craft, and educate themselves on the true facts that draw people from all walks of life to own and breed these birds.  Roosters are colorful birds,  associated with beauty, courage, honor, and pride; the same qualities many admire in humans.


We are here to assist our fellow gamefowl enthusiasts, whether you are a beginner starting out or a veteran breeder. It doesn’t matter. Our goal is to help you with breeding and exhibition advice. How to properly select and breed to improve your birds in all aspects, whether you buy from us or someone else, we are still here to help if we can.


Cockpits in the US are now illegal in all states making this “prior legal sport” a thing of the past. However, these fine birds are still here and we need to work together , attend or sponsor exhibition shows, share with others all the colors and traits our fowl possess. Be proud like our birds. Don’t just sit there and complain. Do something about it. Lets show everyone we and our birds are not as they portray us to be.


When we sell you a trio of a particular strain (example – Kelso, Hatch, etc.) we sell you what is known as “out crosses”, which means they are all from the same blood (family) line, but not directly/closely related (no brother & sister).


With this trio you can make 4 families by line breeding. This way you can maintain your bloodline without ever having to introduce new blood, which will ruin the family of fowl. This is the total opposite of what others will tell you or lead you to believe.


Our information is based on facts!  Not ‘old wives tales’ or hearsay! Click on a link below to learn more about a specific bird, and pricing.

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