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Troiano Hatch - Dark RedWelcome to the Canyon Farms website. At Canyon Farms, we take "old school" pride in breeding some of the finest roosters in the world. We've been involved and interested in this venue for many years, and the reason is simple; quality will always shine through. From our breeding methods to perpetuating disease resistant fowl, and from education to customer care, we will never settle for less than the highest industry standards.


What sets us apart from other breeders? Well, for one thing, we are open-minded and are learning more and more everyday. We are always consulting with game fowl professionals. Frank Torres has been intrigued with birds since childhood, and Kenny Troiano is widely recognized for his expertise and commitment to help his fellow game fowl enthusiasts. Another example is how Canyon Farms breeds birds in ideal conditions; free ranging of young fowl as much as possible. No cramped tight quarters. We try to create a stress free environment. We take the time to interface/educate breeders and non-breeders alike, dispelling common misconceptions about some of the proudest and most majestic birds on the planet...the rooster. We also wish to acknowledge our breeder/manager, Miguel, a 3rd generation "rooster man". Miguel has been around birds his entire life.


Take a tour of the site, and note the color and spirit in our breeds. We're sure at some point you'll have questions, so feel free to email us.


Thank you again for visiting Canyon Farms.